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Travel off the beaten tracks on the footsteps of past explorers

Explore & Breath

Camels, Sheeps, Horses and other wild animals are all around you. Reconnect with nature and take a deep breath away from the city life.

Fun adventure

Wild areas such as Gobi desert, grasslands or Tibetan mountains are the perfect environnent for modern days adventure for families or friends.

Local culture

Travel is more than just sightseeing, our local team will strive to share with you local history as well as their local traditions and gastronomy.

Not all those who wander are lost.


We take you on the footsteps of past explorers such as Marco Polo and Alexandra David-Neel through curated and personalised trips.

Even through modern day challenges, Gobi desert, Inner Mongolia, Tibet have managed to preserve most of their identity and wildness.

Unforgettable destinations for unforgettable memories!

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About Us

We are a team of local and international individuals passionate about Nomadic Mongol lifestyle who strive to bring you an authentic experience of Inner Mongolia and other destinations in western China (Gansu, Ningxia, Tibet)