Service & Price

Our 7 days, 6 nights discovery tour of Alashan will let you discover the best of Alashan.

  • Accomodation :We recommend sleeping in traditional yourt or sleeping at local herdsmen when exploring the desert (2 nights – more confortable resting options on demand).

    The rest of the time, we will ensure you have the best confort in town.



  • Food 

    Eating mutton is a must of Mongol gastronomy. During important family or group reunion, the host will typically prepare a banquet that will be highlighted by serving a whole mutton.We strongly encourage you to experience local roasted mutton meat as it tastes like nowhere else!
    At Dragon Caravan, we do care about the wellfare of animals and can guarantee you that animals are raised in a respectul manner. In Alashan, sheeps and muttons are traditionally raised outside and let to wander freely for most of their lifes.

    For Vegetarian people, we will propose you a vast variety of local vegetable dishes.


  • Pricing
    Our discovery tour can accommodate a minimum of two and a maximum of twelve people.
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