Majestic Alashan

Alashan prefecture is located in the extreme west of Inner Mongolia province. Inner Mongolia is located in northern China bordering Mongolia country and Russia. Alashan major city – Bayanhaote – is approximately 700 km away from Hohhot (Inner Mongolia province capital city) and 3 hours drive from the neareast international airport (Yinchuan – capital city of Ningxia province).

It has a dry continental climate with cold winters and warm summer. The Helan mountains that constitute the Eastern and Western boundaries between Alashan prefecture and Ningxia province provide, at its foot, perfect hotspots for wineyards culture and host – arguably – some of the nicest wineries of China.

LocationWhile the eastern parts of Inner Mongolia has the most beautiful grasslands in China, Alashan has – without a doubt – some of the most spectacular desert landscapes in the world.

With one of the lowest density territory in China, it is a perfect escape for the ones looking for a real wild experience in China. Its desert are a UNESCO Global Geopark as well as part of the famous Gobi desert bassin.


Alashan is not only about desert though, it is a very unique place which pride itself for being the land of camels and where you can discover and experience various scenic areas, walk through historic sites, experience the nomadic culture and visit authentic buddhist monasteries.