Frequently Asked Questions

Local Weather

What is the best time to travel to Alashan ?

Anytime between late spring to early autumn – from April to mid October – is perfect to discover Alashan area. 

At that time of the year, the weather in Alashan area is usually very enjoyable with a majority of blue sky days.

What are the temperatures according to the seasons ?

  • April – May : between 5°C and 25°C  depending on the weather. 
  • June – August : between 15°C and 35°C. Even on the hottest day, the evening and nighttime feels much more breathable as there is typically a 10°C difference between daytime and nighttime
  • September – Mid-October : between 5°C and 25°C  depending on the weather. 

One should pack at least one warm clothes to feel comfortable on a windy day or in the evening.

How to prevent heat stroke during desert exploration ?​

We advise our guests to pack enough sunblocks and wear a hat. The temperature are very bearable, even on the hottest days, but one should protect oneself from the sun to avoid heatstroke.

It is recommended to drink enough water and/or tea to keep oneself properly hydrated.

Itinerary and Material

What are the itineraries options ?

Our “Discovery” tour allow you to discover a large selection of the nicest landscape of Alashan while having a true feeling for Mongol culture.

Depending on your time constraints or if you would like to discover more we can propose you alternate custom made tour that fits exactly your needs and preferences.

In addition, once a year we will have at least one “Adventure tour” which will focus on desert exploration (riding camels, driving jeeps…)

Please contact us at info@dragoncaravan.com for more details

Do I have to be an expert hiker ?​

Our discovery tour or adventure tour are likely to include some hiking either in desert or mountain environment.

You do not need to be an expert hiker at all, and most people do not need any specific physical preparation.

However if you have any specific health problem or are not just a fan of hiking, we can adapt the itinerary/activities. Please contact us for more details.

CAN I RIDE A CAMEL ? Is it difficult ?

Riding camel is a must in your desert experience and hence is part of our discovery or custom made tours.

Do not worry! Camels are very gentle and sensitive animals and are much easier to ride than horses, even for beginners.


Contact us for a list of equipment we recommend you to bring. There is no heavy equipment that you need to carry.

During the desert or mountain activities, it is always good to have a small bag for water, energy bars… and alternative clothing in case of rain (very seldom) or wind…

Food, Hygiene, Health and Safety

What to eat during desert exploration ?

Breakfast: coffee & Mongol Milk tea, American or Local bread with butter and jam, egg, muesli, milk and yogurt, fruit basket, orange juice, local products.

Picnic: mixed salads, fruits, cakes, tea and coffee, local snacks.

Dinner : local mutton meat with vegetables, Mongol dumplings

Important : Kindly let us know if you are vegetarian or have any food restrictions such as allergies at info@dragoncaravan.com


Allergies and food preferences

if you have allergies or any specific food preferences (vegetarian, …) , let us know well in advance so we can plan accordingly.


WATER ISSUE DURING Desert exploration ?

Mineral bottled Water is safe in China. For the hiking and desert exploration, we take sufficient provisions of mineral water.

In addition, we will provide Tea and brewed Coffee made with bottled water at breakfast when in the desert.

Medical and Emergency insurance

All the guests traveling with Dragon Caravan are required to provide a copy of their medical insurance card prior to trip departure. Please scan and email us the insurance card (no person will be allowed to travel with Dragon Caravan if you do not have proper insurance) . 

We strongly recommend comprehensive travel insurance, including coverage of lost luggage and trip cancellation, even though it is optional 

Dragon Caravan can recommend insurance packages and emergency evacuation policy provided by international providers. Contact us for details.

Should I bring my own medicine ?

if you have any health conditions requiring medication, we recommend you to bring them in sufficient quantity as it may not be convenient to find them in China.

For your own comfort and convenience, you may bring standard “traveler” medicines such as antibacterial ointment, anti-diarrheal medication (Loperamide), insect repellent containing DEET, Ibuprofen or other pain-relievers, and sunscreen (50+ protection factor).

Dragon Caravan will have much of them at your disposal in case you are missing one.



General Practical Questions

I do not speak Chinese or Mongol, will it be a problem ?

That is not a problem, from the tour pick-up place at the airport to the drop-off place, we will have a team member/guide that speaks English.

We can provide tours in French or German on demand. Contact us at info@dragoncaravan.com for more details.


There is no really minimum number of people for our custom-made tours.

In our opinion, the minimum age is around 5. We only accept people over 65 if they provide a health condition certificate from their doctor.


There is not always mobile signal when in the desert.

If you have a Chinese SIM, you are more likely to have signal with “China Mobile” 中国移动

Visa, getting to the starting point, …

Dragon Caravan focuses on providing you the best experience within Alashan area and as a consequence does not take care of flights, visas, insurance directly.

However we can answer most of your queries on how to proceed, flights and recommend third parties to deal with these points.

There are several flights (domestic and international) getting to and from Yinchuan (Ningxia province) which is the starting point of our tours.

Please send us an email at info@dragoncaravan.com for any inquiry.