Adventure Tours

We provide custom/private tour (“anytime, flexible duration and number of travellers, design your itinerary with us”) or small group tours to beautiful Alashan in Inner Mongolia.

Our tours revolves around Discovery or Adventure thematic. Check our Adventure tours below but remember we want you to have a unique experience so contact us to make your itinerary !

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Our adventure tours are a once in a lifetime experience of the infinity of the desert.

Whether you want a traditional experience riding camels or prefer speed and the joy of rallye-raid, get ready for a very intense experience and join a :

  • Camel Caravan Adventure tour


  • Rallye-Raid Adventure tour

Travel like Marco Polo – book your Camel Caravan tour


Let’s go deep into the heart of the Badan Jilin desert – 4th biggest desert in the world, UNESCO Global Geopark.

Discover hundreds of oasis and enjoy some of the most stunning panoramas and a breathtaking 360° view from the summit  of the world’s tallest sand dune 

Do all of this going around riding camels like Marco Polo.

Contact us and BOOK YOUR CAMEL CARAVAN.for a unique experience!

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Rallye-Raid experience


Paris-Dakar China Series 2017 and Silk road Rally 2018 went through Alashan. If you are a fan of mechanic, contact us to organize a rallye-raid tour in the desert !

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