About us

Who we are and why choose us?

Dragon Caravan was founded in cooperation between local Mongol herdsmen and a foreign seasoned traveller that fall in love with Alashan after living several years in Inner Mongolia.

Our aim is to make you discover the beautiful scenaries of Alashan while giving you an experience as authentic as possible : sleep at local herdsmen place when in the desert, learn to cook like locals, listen traditionnal songs, witness local craftmen in action.

We are only focusing on Alashan as a travel destination, hence we can accomodate almost any custom requirements regarding your schedule, interests and group size.

Why choose Alashan ?

If you want to discover authentic Mongol culture, adventure yourself deep in the desert in a safe environment, enjoy breathtaking natural scenaries while initiating yourself to buddhism culture, Alashan is a perfect destination.

We recommend avoiding the capital city of Inner Mongolia (Hohhot) and its surrounding and head for the land of camel to have a more authentic experience and witness more wild scenaries.



Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.