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Who we are ? Why choose us ?

Dragon Caravan was founded by local people from the area of Alashan in Inner Mongolia whose aim is to preserve Mongol culture and give a larger audience the opportunity to discover Alashan.

 By promoting only Alashan area and having a team of mostly local people, Dragon Caravan is able to  :

  • give you a more authentic experience (sleep at real local herdsmen place when in the desert, ride camels for a few hours….or days, learn to cook like locals, listen traditional songs, meet local craftsmen with a passion for what they are doing and witness them in action)
  • truly experience the desert in a safe environment (unlike many other “desert attraction” in Inner Mongolia, we will go deep in the desert but do not worry your guide is a local who grew up there. In addition there are no safety issue in Inner Mongolia) 
  • initiate yourself to Tibetan Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism have spread to Inner Mongolia for centuries already, and due to the remote location of Alashan, some of the most ancient and authentic monasteries can be found there.)


Dragon Caravan provide:

  • small group tours : each year we organise a few small tour groups. Detailed information regarding the small tour groups is posted at the relevant time.
  • private/custom tours : if you want to travel only with your friends or if you have special requirements regarding travel date, duration of the trips or the activities, let us know we can cater almost any requirements.

Meet our team

Airun, born in Alashan, grew up in the desert before moving to the city for high school and university. While growing up in the desert, she developed a deep attachment to her hometown that strengthened even more after moving away. In that mindset, she started Dragon Caravan to make people discover the beauty of Alashan and promote Mongol culture.

Dalai, is a local herdsmen who still has family living in the desert. He lived in several places in China but decided to move back to Alashan when the time came to raise its family. He knows the desert very well  and is in charge of the logistics in our discovery tour.

After studying and working in several countries, Laurent was posted in Inner Mongolia for a new job. As an amateur photograph, he took the opportunity of its 2 years there to travel in every corner of the province. He grew particularly fond of Alashan for its authenticity, remarkable landscapes and its animals. He joined Dragon Caravan to help promoting this amazing destination.

Batu grew up and still live in the desert. He is a local “desert village” chief and our chief guide for our adventure camel caravan. He knows the desert like no one else… so do not worry to get lost with him.

Our rallye raid drivers are local herdsmen who all grew up in the desert. The desert is their playing field and can recommend good spots for photography or for having some fun like sliding on dunes.

Promoting local culture and know-how is important to us. We have become friends with several local craftsman – such as  that will be happy to perform their skills in front of you if you have interest in carving, carpetry or rock jewelry.

For any inquiries, kindly send us an email at info@dragoncaravan.com or click on the button to start planning your trip

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