Travel with us in 2019

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Dragon Caravan propose you custom/private or small group tour to Alashan in the extreme west of Inner Mongolia. Alashan is part of the GOBI desert bassin and home of the world tallest sand dune and hundreds of natural oasis.

Alashan – an exceptional destination

Travel with us to Alashan and discover an exceptional destination that has much to offer :


Get “lost” in the infinity of the desert. Rallye-raid, riding camels or hiking are the preferred mean of travel.


Discover the black city where Marco Polo once stayed or the amazing pyramids of the XiXia civilisation


Alashan is known as the Camel Kingdom. Animals there (camels, horses, sheep…) are let free to roam as it always has


Have a walk on the grasslands or ride a horse… only if you can catch them as some of them are still wild.


Stroll through the old city and have a feeling of how the city life was long before us.


Tibetan Buddhism spread to Alashan for centuries already. Discover authentic temples in remote location.

Travel with Dragon Caravan in 2019

We are a team of local Mongol people and one foreigner who design authentic yet entertaining tours. We believe in promoting Alashan as it has fantastic sceneries and still has a rich and authentic, yet modern, Mongol culture.

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